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to the Affiliated Electricians of York, Pennsylvania Whether it’s a multimillion dollar project requiring dozens of skilled electricians, a specialized project, or a small commercial job IBEW 229 and our associated electrical contractors have the high value, high performance skilled electricians you need to make your project a success! Please contact us with your questions!

The IBEW 229 Advantage

As an electrical contractor interested in expanding your business or a developer interested in new construction, one common concern is getting the best value for your investment. As defined in Webster’s, “value” means “the monetary or relative worth of something or the degree of excellence”. That degree of excellence is exactly what you get when using IBEW 229 affiliated electricians.

Our experienced highly trained professionals will deliver your project on time and on budget. IBEW 229 affiliated electricians take pride in their commitment to our industry, to the customer and the affiliated contractors that we work for. We are the best trained most productive electricians in the industry and get the job done right the first time! We are the premier electricians and technicians for York and Adams County Pennsylvania!

Keep in mind that we are a full service organization to the electrical industry! IBEW 229 goes beyond just commercial and industrial electrical construction offering diversity guaranteed to meet your needs. Included within our ranks are a complete Voice, Data, Video Division and a Commercial/Residential Division. Our members are experienced in various specialized skills within our trade such as fire alarm, HVAC control installations, high voltage installations,solar photovoltaics, power quality, alternative energy, industrial automation, infrared imaging, UPS installation and much more! You can be confident that your project will be given the priority and expertise it deserves, from start to finish.

As an end user, you can rest assured that your project expectations will be met when working with IBEW 229 electricians and our affiliated electrical contractors.

So if securing the most cost effective, timely turn around for your project interests you, then start with a trusted and proven resource, IBEW 229  affiliated electricians; your blueprint for success!

Please contact us with your questions!

Matt Paules, Business Manager IBEW 229 - York, PA

York Electricians

  • IBEW members complete Ruhl Student Center Expansion at Penn State York Campus

    After nearly 1 year, the $13.5 million expansion and renovation of the Ruhl Student Center at Penn State York Campus is wrapping up. IBEW electricians and technicians working for affiliated electrical contractor GR Sponaugle Inc. completed the electrical and communications contract of the project. The student center provides space for off season athletic team practice areas, fitness room, multi-activity courts and athletic spaces. On top of the renovation to the existing 28,000 sq ft building an additional 14,000 sq ft was added as well. The project came in on time and on budget with the help of the IBEW electricians working for GR Sponaugle Inc. 

  • York 2 Energy Center Construction Underway

    After years of planning the second power block of the York Energy Center (Calpine) is underway. The York 2 Energy Center is a 760-megawatt, dual-fueled, combined-cycle electric generating facility that will provide enhanced reliability to the regional power market. It is under construction on the same site as Calpine’s York Energy Center in Peach Bottom Township, Pennsylvania. The project is expected to begin commercial operations by the summer of 2017. IBEW 229 Electricians are onsite starting underground construction. The contractor is CB&I (Chicago Bridge & Iron). CB&I is a large multinational engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) company. CB&I specializes in projects for oil and gas companies.